Exhibition History


November 2018, Vskladchinu Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia. "Against Violence".

August 2015, Erotic gallery ,Yekaterinburg, Russia. "Feel of life".

January 2015, Arteria - Art Space, St. Petersburg, Russia. "Feelings".

November 2014, Art Hata - Art Space, St. Petersburg. Exhibition and happening "The vulnerability".

September 2014, Art Hata - Art Space, St. Petersburg. Ehibition of painting and happening “Woman have to TRUST".

May 2014, ERARTA - Museum of Modern Art, St. Petersburg, Russia. Performance and exhibition ”The Exposure of Reflection”.

July 2013, Künstlerbund Graz, Graz, Austria. "Erotischer Expressionismus".


August 2019, club "Blank" factory "Arsenal", St.Petersburg, Russia. "Exoising a murder".

May 2017, Matrix Hall - Art Space, St. Petersburg, Russia."Opening".

Juny 2014, The Window of adventure - Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia.

April 2014, Petrovsky fort - business centre, St.Petersburg, Russia.

Mart 2014, Lendok gallery of film studio, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Februar 2014, Shkola № 204, St. Petersburg, Russia. International exhibition "The Point of changing".

August 2013, EROS - museum of erotic, St. Petersburg, Russia.

May 2013, Griboedov -art club, St. Petersburg, Russia.

July 2002, Perm State Art Gallery, Perm, Russia. Exhibition and art competition, Agni Dasein has taken the second prise.


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