oil & acrylic painting,

there are the two main themes
that the artist covers in her works.
Year Category

The butterfly, 2011.

Feeling of beauty is very important for a young woman. She has blessed on her idea of perfection. Любила мечтать, жить в своих загробных снах, и светлых молитвах. Танцевала, Наслаждалась музыкой в одиночку...она просто любила. Size: 90 H x 60 W x 2 cm. oil, canvas.Details

Wassermelone, 2012.

Lonely, unprotected, naked, in the baby's posture, clinging to a large object,
like asking for protection and the love of the world.
Size: 55 W x 74 H x 2 cm, oil, wood.Details

The penetration, 2014.

The penetration, what is it for you? The Love, trust? Happiness, pain? The Emotion,
when the whole flow of emotions passes through you.
Size: 130 H x 100 W x 2 cm, acrylic, canvas. Details

The male and female seeds, 2013.

The relationships, especially between opposite sexes, are not very easy for progress and understanding.
Artist shows the mastery instead of love. The woman with amputated limbs lyes on a big pink dicks-sofa located under man. You can turn the picture.
Size: 130 H x 80 W x 2 cm, acrylic, canvas.Details

Zizi, 2013.

A long passionate desire for possession has taken on all the attention.What happened without you is now full,
You're absorbing all the attention of sadness,Filling him with tender joy.
Size: 40 W x 55 H x 2 cm, acrylic, canvas.Details

Eva, 2013.

At full moon first naked on the rock, at the feet of the male monastery.
She trusted the moment of her feelings and just closed her eyes.
Size: 60 W x 90 H x 2 cm, acrylic, canvas. Details

Man's portrait, morning time, 2012.

Hit it! The artist was inspired by Egon Schiele. LG Agni.
Size: 105 H x 65 W x 2 cm, oil, canvas.Details

Virgin, 2012.

Sex education is embedded both in the family and in society.
In Russia there is still a question when a girl is allowed to lose her virginity.
On the background of the icon of the Virgin Mary cries.
Size: 55 W x 75 H x 4 cm, tempera on paper. Details

Against cancer, 2013.

Sometimes we don't know, where the problems are waiting for us. Be spiritual. Be conscious. Believe in yourself.
This art piece devote the artists' attitude for breast canser. Size: 66 W x 103 H x 2 cm, acrylic, canvas. Details

The blue fool, 2013.

The autoportrait of artist- an agonizing woman. She can't be quiet.
All nature speaks for her.The way before Yogini.Size: 100 H x 100 W x 2 cm, acrylic, canvas. Details

The heart of country, 2015.

Moscow is the capital of Russia. Money, authority. They make their own rules for the game, which is life.
This artwork was painted in Moscow.
Size: 70 W x 80 H x 2 cm, acrylic, canvas. Details


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